"The resources are fantastic! Teachers have a wide range of activities with thoroughly explained key terms. I feel that a range of teachers from different schools working within different demographics and school dynamics will be able to use these resources effectively. "
"I have used the KS3 respect resources in school and the results have been successful. Our students are more aware of propaganda, extremism and stereotyping based on the previous resources."
Sheena Raja, Head of PSHE and Citizenship Education, Soar Valley College

"The lessons are easy to follow and provide good guidance on issues that are difficult to answer. All round the programme is a good idea and helpful and resourceful."
Priya Ramanandi, Parkland Primary

"The materials are great and really engaging"
Zoe Conneally, Rushey Mead Academy

"The lessons have been a very positive experience for us as a school. The resources were of high quality, encouraging a high-level of discussion.”
Steve Carroll, Judgemeadow Community College

“I am really impressed. These lessons are an excellent resource and will enable teachers to address a sensitive topic in an interesting and accessible manner.”
Jill Carr, Beauchamp College

“ A great range of activities that highlight difficult issues, through accessible media sources and discussions. Easy for staff to use and well – planned lessons provided.”
Emily Richardson, Hamilton Community College

"The well thought out resources provide a range of ideas and links to help you create lessons suitable for your school on these important issues. A valuable contribution to aspects of SMSC”
Elizabeth Wayne, RE teacher and Co-ordinator for Soar Valley College

"Wow absolutely fantastic videos, it has got to be one of the best I've seen dealing with these issues, very professional and better than much of what I’ve seen out there.”
Chris Hardy, mentor/trainer

"I like the three lessons I have looked at. Some of the video clips are particularly engaging, There is a good range of activities and the key word information will be easy for teachers to adapt for differentiated activities to suit their students - whilst still using the content."
Jill Patterson, Lead Teacher Religious Education, Citizenship and Personal Studies, Babington Academy

“Well planned and thought out lesson plans, with fantastic resources”
Saliha Saleem, Director of Student Development, Preston Manor School

"Leicester's Respect programme deals with issues of intolerance and extremism in a constructive way, seeking to help young people become critically aware of the dangers of prejudice and the value of respect for others.”
Peter Flack (Former Assistant Secretary of The National Union Of Teachers)