1. Resources and Links

Helpful Web-links:

The following websites and web-links, may be helpful if you wish to acquire further information on issues around integration, safeguarding, extremism, radicalisation, building resilience and critical thinking.

Please Note: Whilst every effort has been taken to ensure that these links are suitable for use by teaching staff, we cannot be held responsible for the content of these external sites.

Integrate UK

Integrate UK is a youth led charity that empowers young people to take an active and positive role in transforming the society they live in


Advice for adults worried about a child. The NSPCC are here to protect children from harm. It can be hard to know when extreme views become something dangerous. And the signs of radicalisation aren't always obvious.

PSHE Association

Lessons addressing: extremism and radicalisation. From the PSHE Association, commissioned by Medway Public Health Directorate.

Educate Against Hate
This website gives teachers, parents and school leaders practical advice and information on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation


Lesson plans and resources from Key stage 1 to Key stage 5 on British Values

Prevent for Schools

A research report commissioned by the Department of Education that explores teaching approaches that help to build resilience to extremism among young people

Let’s Talk About It

Let’s Talk About It is an initiative designed to provide practical help and guidance to the public in order to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism

Digital Disruption

Building digital resilience, literacy and fluency in young people.