1. Teaching Support

Teaching Support

Below are a number of teacher support documents that will help in understanding and delivery of ‘The Respect Programme’ Lessons. Please pay particular attention to ‘Guidelines On How to Use Lesson Plans’, ‘The Glossary Of Terms’ and ‘Ground Rules In The Classroom’ and ‘How To Deal With Controversial Topics’.

In 2010 a Government funded project called REsilience was delivered by the Religious Education Council of England and Wales (REC). It looked to develop teachers confidence in dealing with contentious issues in the classroom. They developed a range of materials to help support teachers when tackling different topics. Which they have very kindly given us permission to use here. We feel that these compliment the lesson plans in ‘The Respect Programme’ and help provide teachers with some background reading on how to approach controversial issues respectfully and sensitively in the classroom.
The materials listed here are the property of the REC. The Respect Programme believe that they are a useful resource for teachers, however we do not have editorial control over these sections, and we cannot therefore take responsibility for its content.
– Challenging prejudice
– Different_beliefs
– Diversity
– Equality, Diversity & Building Resilience
– Women