1. All About The Respect Programme

The Respect Programme

What’s It All About?

Welcome to The Respect Programme website. An online resource providing ready-made lesson plans on issues such as citizenship, prejudices, extremism, staying safe online, Britishness and more!

The plans are available to teachers in Primary schools, Secondary schools and Colleges to download for FREE.

They aim to encourage young people to understand and respect others, develop critical thinking skills (especially in avoiding the dangers that prevail online), and consider how to bring about change in a positive constructive way.

They can be used as a package or as stand-alone plans in different subject areas: eg Citizenship, PSHE, RE, SMSC etc. Each plan is accompanied with various resources such as videos, web-links, scenarios, poetry, etc to make for an interactive and engaging classroom session on topics that may otherwise appear difficult to approach.

The material has been put together under the support and guidance of teachers and education specialists in order to ensure it’s relevance and critically evaluate it.

In light of government guidelines for schools, to build pupil’s resilience to radicalisation and enable them to challenge extremist views, we hope the material will help schools to meet this requirement, as well as aid with wider safeguarding duties.


  1. To develop teacher confidence in addressing difficult and sometimes contentious subjects
  2. To provide a space for young people to explore contemporary and challenging issues
  3. To teach young people to question and think critically about how to deal with such issues.
  4. To explore how young people view their identity; their rights and the rights of others.
  5. To encourage young people to have respect for difference and diversity.
  6. To help young people to become citizens that contribute positively to the world around them.