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About Us

Welcome to The Respect Programme website. An online resourceproviding ready-made lesson plans on issues such as citizenship,prejudices, extremism, staying safe online, Britishness and more!

The plans are available to teachers in secondary schools & colleges throughout Leicester and Leicestershire to download for FREE.

They aim to encourage young people to understand & respect others, develop critical thinking skills (especially in avoiding the dangers that prevail online), and consider how to bring about change in a positive constructive way.

They can be used as a package or as stand-alone plans in different subject areas: eg Citizenship, PSHE, RE etc. Each plan is accompanied with various resources such as videos, web-links, scenarios, poetry, etc to make for an interactive & engaging classroom session on topics that may otherwise appear difficult to approach.

The material has been piloted by teachers in order to critically evaluate it.

In light of the recent change in the law, which makes it a statutory duty for schools to address such issues, we hope the material will help schools to meet this requirement as well as aid with meeting Ofsted and safeguarding guidelines.

Why Use ‘The Respect Programme’?

  • 01.
    To develop teacher confidence in addressing difficult & sometimes contentious subjects.
  • 02.
    To provide a space for young people to explore contemporary & challenging issues
  • 03.
    To teach young people to question and think critically about how to deal with such issues. To explore how young people view their identity; their rights and the rights of others.
  • 04.
    To Encourage young people to have respect for difference and diversity
  • 05.
    To help young people to become citizens that contribute positively to the world around them

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Naved Siddiqui



We would like to thank the following people for their help and support in putting The Respect Programme together.

Mr Will Baldet

Regional Prevent Co-ordinator

Ms Ailsa Coull

Prevent Education Officer, Leicester City Council

Mr Barrie Philips

The GOT Project

Ms Lyndsey Philips

Waltham Forest Council


Mr Tim Halland-Jones

City of Leicester

Ms Marie Bush

Judgemeadow Community College

Mr Steve Carroll

Judgemeadow Community College

Ms Emily Richardson

Hamilton Community College

Mrs Ali Rutherford Cox

Rushey Mead Secondary School

Mr Mel Berry

Soar Valley College

Mr Riyaz Laher

Madani High School

Ms Elizabeth Wayne

Soar Valley College

Ms Jill Carr

Leicester Grammar School

Ms Wendy Harrison

RE Adviser

Ms Judith Wells

Babington College


Ms Jill Patterson

Babington Academy

Ms Elizabeth Wayne

Soar Valley College

Mr Peter Flack

National Union of Teachers

Ms Wendy Harrison

(RE adviser, LCC)

Ms Sheena Raja

Soar Valley College

Mr Anthony Lees-Smith

St Denys Church

Ms Jill Carr

Beauchamp College

Ms Priya Ramanandi

Parkland Primary

Ms Julie Barrick

Woodstock Primary

Ms Zoe Conneally

Rushey Mead Academy

Ms Su Marshall

previous Leicester City Council PSHE co-ordinator

Ms Humera Khan

Forest Lodge Academy

Ms Saliha Saleem

Preston Manor Academy

Video interviews:

Ms Yasmin Sheikh

Youth and Community Activist

Mr Nicky Nijjer

Youth Worker

Mr Owen Jones

HOPE not Hate

Ms Sughra Ahmed

Islamic Society of Britain

Mr Chris Hardy


Mr Mu-Hamid Pathan

Mentor to Leicester Children’s Council

Mr Nick Daines

Omega Communications