“I am really impressed. These lessons  are an excellent resource and will enable teachers to address a sensitive topic in an interesting and accessible manner.” Jill Carr, Leicester Grammar School

“ A great range of activities that highlight difficult issues, through accessible media sources and discussions. Easy for staff to use and well – planned lessons provided.” Emily Richardson, Hamilton Community College

‘The well thought out resources provide a range of ideas and links to help you create lessons suitable for your school on these important issues ’ Elizabeth Wayne head of RE  and SMSC coordinator Soar Valley College

‘I like the three lessons I have looked at. Some of the video clips are particularly engaging, There is a good range of activities and the key word information will be easy for teachers to adapt for differentiated activities to suit their students – whilst still using the content.’ Jill Patterson – Babington College

“Wow absolutely fantastic videos,  it has got to be one of the best I’ve seen dealing with these issues, very professional and better than much of what I’ve seen out there.” (C Hardy, trainer)”