Lesson plans 

Lesson plans have been designed primarily for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 use. In our initial consultation exercise with teachers it was felt that the best age groups to cover such material with would be years 8, 9 and 10, the plans have therefore been prepared with these age group in mind. However some of the plans may be suitable for year 7 students also, and some aspects of the sessions will be very useful for years 11 and over as additional discussion pieces for the teacher’s own lesson. Each lesson plan is expected to take approximately 60 minutes. However it can be adjusted to include/exclude sections to fit in with longer or shorter timeframes also. The lessons begin with the listing objectives that it sets out to achieve; key vocabulary that young people should be made familiar with and a list of resources which will accompany the plan, e.g videos, web-links, scenarios, poetry, etc to enable the session to be engaging and thought-provoking. The lesson then progresses to a list of learning activities to enhance students knowledge and understanding of the subject. Teachers have helped shape, develop and edit the lesson plans, and some plans have been piloted by schools in Leicester.